People buying Christmas gifts on the Internet are cautioned to beware of postage and packaging scams which are robbing unwary shoppers of hundred of dollars. 

Chris Barton, writing on the McAfee Avert Labs blog, warns about scams that advertise products at lower prices than competitive sites.
In the case demonstated, Barton says that clicking on the link from a search engine to view an advertised product often shows an even lower price than the one advertised.
However, when the user clicks through to pay – and if they're registered with PayPal all details are filled in automatically – the purchase price reads (in this instance) $300.00 instead of the $74.00 that that user thinks he's paying. Because this page is filled in automatically, many users will simply accept the information without checking the purchase price.
"Just to pour salt on the wound, the actual post and packing sting comes on the last page, and after you’ve logged in," writes Barton.
Unwary users could find themselves accepting a $900.00 postage and packaging fee – taking their $74.00 purchase to a staggering $1 200.00.
The bottom line, says Barton, is that buyers must be aware and wary.