China Mobile Group Beijing (CMBJ) has selected Nokia Siemens Networks to expand its General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) core network.
Nokia Siemens Networks’ solution will enable CMBJ to increase its packet core network capacity in a cost-efficient way and launch new mobile data applications.

Millions of additional visitors will use their mobile phones in Beijing during August of next year to stay up to date with the results of the hundreds of sport events or to send messages to their friends at home. That is why CMBJ wants to do more than expand its packet core network capacity in a cost efficient manner.
The solution also has to be reality-proofed and stable. Both criteria are perfectly met by the packet core solution from Nokia Siemens Networks. It provides one of the highest and most intensively tested user capacities in the market.
“As the telecommunications service provider for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, our goal is to provide advanced technology, rich applications and high quality services to respond to the needs of our customers. This expansion paves the way for convenient data services by using a proven platform supplied by Nokia Siemens Networks.” comments Li Zhijie, Deputy General Manager of Network Department, China Mobile Group Beijing.
“We are very proud to further cooperate with CMBJ for its GPRS expansion to allow mobile users to enjoy high quality voice and high speed mobile data services such as Push to Talk, Express News, streaming through Nokia Siemens Networks’ GPRS Platform,” says Zhang Zhiqiang, Head of Nokia Siemens Networks Greater China Region.
Nokia Siemens Networks is a leading packet core supplier and has more than 270 GPRS references globally. It serves more than 400-million GPRS subscribers on all continents
Recent launches include a solution for content based charging for China market, policy enforcement including peer-to-peer application detection and service bandwidth management feature that are helping operator to protect valuable network resource in cost efficiency way and at the same time continuously driving standardized packet core network evolutions.
Nokia Siemens Networks has been a key supplier of GSM and GPRS networks to CMBJ since 1994. Our complete solution makes Nokia Siemens Networks the main supplier of radio and core networks to CMBJ for the coming athletic event in 2008 in Beijing. Besides GPRS core networks, Nokia Siemens Networks recently provided its innovative Flexi Base station products and a Push to Talk solution to CMBJ.