Symantec is the only vendor to obtain 35 consecutive VB100 awards from the independent organism Virus Bulletin, which carries out comparative testing of anti-virus products. The tests are widely recognised within the industry.

Symantec submitted every single time for all tests on supported platforms (including Linux platform since April 2006) and has not failed in more than eight  years.
The VB100 award, introduced in 1998, rewards Antivirus software meeting the following requirements:
* Products should detect all ‘In the Wild’ viruses during both on-demand and on-access scanning; and
* Products should generate no false positive when scanning a set of clean files.
“We are very honoured and proud to receive the VB100 award for the 35th consecutive time as it demonstrates once again the quality and performance of our products,” says Joh Leahy, Africa consumer regional manager for Symantec. “But we also see VB100 award as a reward for our on-going efforts to provide our customers with the best technologies to enable them to work and play freely in a connected world.”