Absa is taking to the skies to promote its cellphone banking initiatives, and handing out Absa Aqua bottled water on all 1time Airline flights during the holiday season. 

The bank is also using branded headrests and in-flight announcements to advertise the service.
Venete Klein, executive director for Absa Retail Bank, identifies Absa Aqua in-flight promotions as a refreshing way to create product awareness for the bank.
"During the holiday season, very few flights are empty," says Klein. "People are in a holiday mood and a receptive frame of mind, so when they receive the free Aqua, a positive association is created with the Absa brand and banking products.
“If successful, this pilot promotion could see Absa and 1time Airline working together on future initiatives that benefit customers in unexpected and surprising ways,” she says.
The Absa Aqua promotion is a follow up to Absa’s Retail Channel campaign that was launched in October 2007 with a focus to drive sales and usage of cellphone and Internet Banking.
To register for Cellphone Banking, Absa customers fill in their contact details on a tag that comes with the water bottle, allowing Absa sales staff to call and register them for cellphone banking.