Microsoft, Yahoo and Google will pay $31,5-million in fines for having carried advertisements for online gambling, which is illegal in the US. 

They have also agreed to stop accepting these ads, although all the companies say that stopped running online gambling ads years ago.
Online gambile is illegal in the US and the fines will be used to spread this message to users.
Legislators are expecially concerned about young people being lured to online gambling sites and will educate young people about its illegality.
Microsoft shoulders the bulk of the fine – $21-million – and will pay $4,5-million in forfeits, $7,5-million to the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children; and $9-million towards public service advertisements.
Yahoo will pay $7,5-million, $3-million in forfeits and $4,5-million towards the advertisements.
Google's portion of the fine is just $3-million.