A German telecommunications provider has launched a commercial voice over Internet (VoIP) service on its WiMax network. 

NeckarCom Telekommunikation is using a Motorola WiMax solution that allows it to offer the combined voice and data service.
“We completed the roll-out of the WiMax network in October, which enabled us to offer wireless broadband data services in an area where fixed-line broadband services were not possible,” saysJuergen Herrmann, MD NeckarCom Telekommunikation.
“We are now extending our services to offer VoIP, transforming communications in the region. The breadth and quality of Motorola’s WiMax product portfolio will support NeckarCom as we expand and bring further next-generation communications tools and services to our customers.”
Joe Cozzolino, corporate vice-president & GM of Motorola Home and Networks Mobility EMEA, comments: “WiMax is significantly disrupting traditional broadband business models and challenging providers to think about how they roll-out new communications networks and services in both metro and rural areas."