CareerJunction, the 11-year old online recruitment solution, has launched a Dubai-based Middle Eastern operation, the first overseas outlet for the South African company, which enjoys about 70% market share at home. 

Kris Jarzebowski, CEO of CareerJunction Middle East, says that the opportunity for online recruitment in the Middle East is the best it has ever been. “We believe that with the ever increasing demand for talent in this region that our timing to enter this market could not have been better."
Jarzebowski explains that CareerJunction is not a recruitment agency but an online recruitment Web service.
“Our business is supplying candidates to the recruitment market. We will not get involved in the recruitment process ourselves. That is the domain of the recruitment agencies and company HR departments that will use our service to source candidates. The technology that we provide is the vehicle through which recruiters and career seekers can interact in a secure and completely confidential environment."
So important is career seeker confidentiality that some years ago CareerJunction applied for and was awarded Truste accreditation. “Truste is a US watchdog organisation that periodically audits accredited Web sites to ensure they are upholding their confidentiality promises. We are in the process of obtaining the same accreditation for CareerJunction Middle East,” Jarzebowski says.
He adds that more than 800 companies that have contracted to use CareerJunction on an ongoing basis, including the majority of top recruitment agency brands and a good representation of some of the top South African companies.
"A large number of small and medium enterprises also use us to place job ads online,” says Jarzebowski.
On average, CareerJunction advertises 40 000 job ads per month, attracts 340 000 unique monthly browsers and generates in excess of 15-million page impressions.
Jarzebowski expects that the Middle Eastern service will surpass usage and popularity of the South African Web service relatively quickly as a result of the interest in Middle Eastern job opportunities and because of the higher Internet penetration in the region.
He says there are already a number of top corporate and recruitment agency brands advertising on CareerJunction Middle East so the selection of job ads is good.