The latest product available from Axiz comes in the form of a partnership: that of its exceptional desktops and Panda Internet Security.
Kobus De Beer, category lead at Axiz, says that with the number of internet users increasing on a daily basis, security is critical. “Without it, you run the risk of your system being disabled by a virus and/or having information stolen from your computer.”

Every PC user on the net should have some form of security software. De Beer explains that this is why Axiz included a three month trial version of Panda Internet Security (IS).
“We wanted to give users the opportunity to experience full virus and spam protection. By including a trial version of the product with our desktops, customers can familiarise themselves with the software and ‘test’ it out in the comfort of their own offices and homes. Too many users often just buy security software without knowing very much about the application and if it really is suitable for their needs.”
He adds that before entering into the partnership Axiz did extensive testing on numerous products before selecting Panda. “Panda IS was definitely the preferred solution for our desktops. It offers comprehensive protection from all types of threats – preventing everything from confidential data theft (login details, credit card numbers etc.) to viruses, spyware and online fraud.”
Panda IS 2008 provides users with the latest generation of antivirus, anti-spyware, online fraud protection and anti-spam, as well as a personal firewall. It also has a content filter that enables you to restrict access to inappropriate websites – ideal for home users with children or employers wishing to limit employees’ access.
De Beer explains that users will also be able to test two new features: Panda Identity Protect and automated back-up. “While Panda Identity Protect secures all of your confidential information, the automated back-up safeguards all of your files against accidental loss or damage.”
Users will also benefit from Panda’s automatic daily updates and technical support (24h-365d). “In this way users remain fully protected and have access to the help they need when they need it.”
Once the three month trial period has expired, Axiz desktop customers will have the option of renewing their Panda licence online or purchasing the retail product and loading the product key for activation.
The Axiz desktop offering has thus just got that much better. Customers are now not only guaranteed the best in desktop technology and features, but can also rest assured that their work and data will remain safe and secure from the minute they first connect their computer.