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Centravoice releases LightningFAX


Centravoice has announced the availability of LightningFAX Enterprise Edition, award-winning fax server software that empowers organisations with cost-effective desktop email faxing and fax broadcasting.

“LightningFAX has many superb features,” says Wernher Lotter, sales director for Centravoice. “One of the main features is that it boosts productivity by 90% over traditional manual faxing1 since users no longer need to make time consuming trips to the fax machine."
It consolidates fax hardware and analogue fax lines into a single system thus enabling organisations to save thousands of Rands a year. In addition it protects document privacy and facilitates compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.  LightningFAX also routes sensitive documents in TIFF or PDF format via the security of VoIP networks and VPN encryption to approved recipients and designated secure printers.
LightningFAX easily integrates with ex­isting databases, applications and group­ware tools, even using existing directo­ries and phone books. It boasts a robust multiple fax server architecture that allows organisations to add servers as they expand their organi­sation to different locations.  In addition, LightningFAX is noted for its reliability and has been implemented in mission-load balancing and failover support (using Windows clustering) and distributed pro­cessing are additional features of LightningFAX.
A host of administration features such as Batch Fax API, scripting support, billing codes and remote monitoring enable powerful control over transmission, log­ging, delivery and notification of faxes.  Users can send individual faxes or fax broadcasts from their familiar email pro­grams, a Web interface, or the feature-rich LightningFAX SendFAX Client.  Faxes can be sent immediately or scheduled.
Lotter says additional primary features include up to 120 fax channels per server; highly scalable multiserver architecture; support for G3 and G4 TIFF fax format; terminal services and Citrix MetaFrame support; network installation support with Windows Installer technology as well as Windows Roaming Profiles support.
LightningFAX Enterprise multiserver archi­tecture can easily accept additional fax servers to accommodate any growth in fax volume. For IP networks, organisations can easily migrate to XMediusFAX, the market-lead­ing boardless FoIP (Fax over IP) software.
“LightningFAX’s rapid, secure and reliable routing of faxes makes it the trusted choice for handling any fax volume. Document workflow is streamlined and privacy is improved, all while yielding significant ROI,” says Lotter.