Sahara Computers has released the new Sahara Digital Camera, a complete digital hand-held camera solution that allows the user to record and store material in both photo/still shot and motion video format.

The Sahara Digital Camera is presented as a sleek, stylish and sophisticated casing and features technical specifications, including 16x Digital Zoom, 5-Megapixel CMOS High Sensitivity Sensor and Mpeg 4 Digital Movie, that empower end users to take crisp, high resolution multi-media footage.
Sahara has incorporated a focus free lens with 2-inch LTPS LCD 180 degrees and 270 degrees twist, allowing the user flexibility and stability of movement when capturing images.
The company has paid close attention to differential qualities such as quality output, Secure Digital expandable memory and quality AV-in recording.
“These are important factors to consider in purchasing digital lifestyle solutions. The secure digital expandable memory and Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries guarantees that users will not risk losing any material and can maximise the quality of the end result by leveraging off the DVD-quality input and output of the solution,” says Gary Naidoo, deputy MD at Sahara Computers.
The Sahara Digital Camera also promises easy navigation and clear menus for straightforward user interface, allowing the user to select from a range of options to affect video quality output calculated at frames per second.
There are also four colour versions that can be selected including automatic, vivid, sepia and black & white. In addition the user has an option to pre-select several functions such as language preference; brightness; power saving; sound; USB Mode and default.
“So, for example, one could set video format at high quality, 640×480 at thirty frames per second, automatic lighting and colouring, medium backlight and AV output running it on 60Mhz, MSDC USB mode, with sound on.” adds Naidoo.
The Sahara Digital Camera is the latest solution to be incorporated into Sahara’s expanding line of digital lifestyle product and it has a recommended retail price of R1 299.00.