Intel is giving system builders more scope to reach the SMB market with its modular server building block products that support a server specification it first unveiled in July last year. 

In using these modular server building blocks, system builders can integrate computing, networking and storage capabilities in one system for SMBs, meeting their need for budget-friendly IT simplicity and flexibility.
The modular server building blocks are based on Intel Multi-Flex Technology, a set of management and storage technologies developed by the Server Systems Infrastructure (SSI) organisation to enable ease of use, low-cost and flexibility.
When integrated by system builders into a complete server system, the Intel modular server building blocks have the ability to support up to six server compute nodes and 14 serial attached SCSI 2,5-inch hard disk drives, as well as two Ethernet switch modules, integrated storage attached network and a management module. The server compute nodes support the latest quad and dual-core Intel Xeon processors in a two-socket motherboard.
“The system builder server market will have a richer set of offerings with the high-end server technologies featured in this set of modular building blocks,” says Tom Rampone, vice president of Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group and GM for the Channel Platforms Group.
Intel’s endorsement of the new SSI industry specification for modular server platforms will ensure that system integrators have an opportunity to participate in the fastest growing Intel server segment – blade computing.