The Datatec Group is expecting to turn in sterling results for the 2007 financial year, with indications from the first 10 months showing it is on track to meet or exceed expectations. 

A statement released today says the first four months of the second half of the financial year has been much stronger than the first half, with Logicalis singled out for particulalry good performance.
The group saw revenue and profitability for the first 10 months improve from the same period in 2006 and it is confident of delivering full year-on-year growth.
Datatec believes its will achieve more than $4-billion in revenues for the year, compared to $3-billion in the previous year.
Operations in the Middle East and Africa have shown strong revenue growth, and the group is looking to expand further in this region.
Westcon has seen revenues grow in all the regions it operates in, with gross margins and operating profit margins expanding. The contribution from new initiatives in developing   
countries in Eastern Europe and South America is expected to grow rapidly. he recently-acquired Cisco distirbution presence in Brazil could report incremental revenues of over $100-million over the next two years.
Logicalis' US operations was recently resturctured in response to the overall slowing of the market in the first half and this has resulted in a significant improvement in second half profitability.
The group's AnalysysMason consulting arm has had a robust second half so far and is expected to produce year on year growth.
Datatec's financial year ends on 29 February and it will annnounce its results on 14 May.