Storage solutions provider Sithabile Storage Integration (SSI) has announced a new relationship with software vendor CommVault which extends its ability to meet the information management needs of corporate South Africa.

According to Pieter Engelbrecht, SSI CEO, CommVault competes favourably with other leading storage software vendors in terms of functionality and performance.
“The real advantage, however, is that this solution set provides measurable RIO. It delivers a lot for the investment, which has South African CIOs sitting up and taking notice – particularly since in many instances it delivers better performance and functionality, all at a lower cost.”
A US-based company founded in 1996 after a management buy out from AT&T, and publically listed in 2006, CommVault produces the Simpana software suite which is a modular product comprising:
* Simpana Backup and Recovery – backup software and recovery;
* QuickRecovery – snapshot management;
* Continuous Data Replicator – file-based replication;
* DataArchiver – hierarchical storage management;
* DataArchiver Compliance;
* Storage Manager – system resource management and storage reporting;
* CommNet ServiceManager – management and reporting; and
* SIS – Single Instance Store.
Engelbrecht says CommVault differs from other vendors in that it has a single-platform approach to data management.
“Unlike the solutions from other vendors, which were designed in an ad hoc response to meet changing data storage requirements, CommVault’s data protection, replication, archive and resource management modules were designed to work together from the ground up. The modules, which together form the Simpana suite, share a single code base and common function set,” he explains.
While this seems a blindingly obvious requirement for a software suite, Engelbrecht says no other vendor has taken this approach to date.
“All other vendors in the storage software environment have grown by acquisition and through disparate development of previously unrelated products,” he says.
Dubbed the "singular" approach, Engelbrecht says CommVault’s single-platform architecture delivers a better and simpler way to manage data through the complete lifecycle.
“Where the solutions of other vendors are difficult just to get one’s head around in terms of the mind-boggling array of products on offer, CommVault brings straightforward answers to data management problems.”
He adds that SSI’s team of software engineers has undergone training and certification, while the company’s demonstration facility is equipped with a full deployment of the Simpana software suite.
“CommVault offers a sound value proposition which meets the market’s needs for a cost-effective, high performance data management solution. Clients are showing interest which we believe will translate into strong performance for the product through 2008.”