Johannesburg-based institute has established an office in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an island nation in the Lesser Antilles chain of the Caribbean Sea. 

The Caribbean is currently one of the world's emerging ICT marketplaces and institute aims to drive this growth by providing the region with its immediate technology requirements.
Sehon Marshal, who is spearheading the new office, says: "The Caribbean is finding the best way to compete on a global scale is to utilise the power of the Internet and as a result e-commerce and web development are currently two main growth areas.
"In order to sustain this growth, institute is providing the relevant technology, particularly hardware to allow for the development of websites, portals and so forth in order for the region to market its services particularly the tourism industry to the world."
Apart from the e-commerce development, institute's Cassim Parak has been selected as the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Strategy Development Consultant for St Vincent and the Grenadines under the second phase of the Pan-Commonwealth SME Information Communication Technology (ICT) Development Programme, providing advice and consulting on ICT to enhance the growth and prosperity of these businesses.
Boetie Swanepoel, CEO at institute, comments: " institute has also expanded its focus to not only offer ICT solutions but is also taking a holistic view of business by providing business solutions that improve performance within an organisation.
"The approach is to align the business strategy with company assets, people, process and systems and deliver access to information.  This alignment will improve business performance; and obtain a higher return for all the stakeholders and will also form part of the new office's offering.
"We are looking forward to doing business in the region; there is truly a lot of opportunity for growth in the region.  Plus, as the Caribbean people are descended from Africa we believe there will be great synergy and partnerships between us for years to come," he adds.