Singularity has become SAP South Africa’s 16th SAP Business One sales and implementation partner as SAP South Africa moves to bring on extra capacity to cope with their year-on-year growth in SAP Business One sales.

SAP South Africa Business One Manager, Paul Vermaak, says that although the entire SME market for enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions is growing very quickly, matching the general economic boom in South Africa. “SAP Business One’s market share is growing faster than that of our competitors, with our partners having brought 94 new customers into the fold in 2007.
“Our statistics also show that, in the first six months of 2007, of the 43% growth we’ve had, 39% of our revenue comes from existing customers buying additional licences. That indicates that they themselves have grown since implementing SAP Business One and that they see the solution as a growth tool.
“Adding business partners like Singularity, with all their skills and experience, to our channel allows us to not only keep pace with demand for SAP Business One but also give customers the business-savvy support they need to be able to fully exploit SAP Business One’s growth-enabling capabilities.”
Singularity focuses on selling and implementing the solution directly to customers, adding the value of all their business experience to an already superior product.
“We liked what we saw of SAP’s commitment to its partner channel in terms of providing well planned and carefully executed services, tools, and software offerings that enhance delivery of the solution to customers,” says Singularity executive in charge of SAP Business One business development, Ian Watt.
“Also, SAP CEO, Henning Kagerman, has stated publicly that SAP aims to have in excess of 100 000 SAP Business One customers globally by 2010.
“And the organisation is backing him up by providing a proven ability to determine and understand potential customer requirements and demands, proven software technology, proven success rates in industry verticals, a proven product lifecycle sales approach, proven implementation methodologies, and a proven ability to deliver fixed cost and fixed time implementations.
“That’s the kind of dedication to the market that business partners want from vendors – because it reduces the risk for the business partner of entering a new market, particularly one as competitive as the SME sector.
“SME business people are exceptionally sensitive to market pressures and the related business competition – so you have to be able to take them an offering that meets their very specific current needs while equipping them to step up into another league when they’re ready.
“SAP has proved, with SAP Business One, that it understands SMEs that and has thrown its very considerable weight behind positioning its business partners to deliver for their customers and themselves. We’re a superb example of the success of that policy in that we’d signed our first SAP Business One customer within weeks of opening our doors for business.”
SAP South Africa will be adding several more business partners to its channel in the next twelve months. “Our original partners have been at full capacity for some time and we’re expecting our 2008 recruits to be stretched very quickly,” Vermaak says. “In other words, for as long as our customers are growing, we have to grow too."