Visual dispay product supplier ViewSonic has appointed Drive Control Corporation (DCC) as an official distribution partner. 

With offices in US, Europe, Asia Pacific and China, ViewSonic is recognised as one of the top five global monitor providers.
"Our newly established local offices will strengthen our presence in South Africa and Africa and is further reinforced by partnering with leading hardware distributors such as DCC," says Brendon Land, country manager of ViewSonic SA. "DCC will allow us to deliver ViewSonic products to a wider share of the IT reseller, corporate and retail market place."
Bruce Byrne, visual communications specialist at DCC, adds: "ViewSonic offers an excellent range of LCD monitors which is both feature-rich and priced competitively.  They will undoubtedly make some great inroads, driven by their strong product offering."
The ViewSonic LCD monitor range includes the flagship 28-inch VX2835wm widescreen monitor which is optimised for both consumer and corporate marketplaces. For gamers and multimedia users, the company has recently introduced the 19-inch VX1940w which combines Super HD 1680×1050 high resolution, up to 2ms fast response time (gray-to-gray) and 3000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio.
"At present the 17-inch 4.3 ratio is still the chosen product in the B2B market," says Byrne. "However, there has definitely been an increased sell out of 19-inch from second-generation LCD users who started with the 17-inch models. 22-inch LCDs address a niche market at this time and are used predominantly in the financial arena.
"ViewSonic offers a broad range of all LCDs sizes which therefore cater to most markets," he adds.