Dell has joined the fast-growing blade server market, yesterday launching two new products that the company hopes will challenge the dominance that HP and IBM have in this arena. 

The new M-series blade solution is enterprise server architecture built from the ground up using Dell’s Energy Smart and FlexIO technologies.
Designed to help companies combat data centre sprawl and IT complexity, Dell claims that the M-series delivers one of the most energy efficient, flexible, and manageable blade server products on the market. They are energy-efficient as well, with the company quoting as high as 25% more efficient than competitive products.
The PowerEdge M600 features the latest Intel Xeon Quad-Core processor, while the M605 will support quad-core AMD, when available. Both offer 60% greater density than traditional 1U servers.
The M600 and M605 blade servers are paired with the PowerEdge M1000e, a modular blade enclosure providing snap-in scalability.
Built on Dell Energy Smart technology, Dell blades are designed to be power-efficient. Energy Smart technologies include:
* Ultra-efficient power supplies delivering high levels of efficiency (greater than 91%) even at low utilisation;
* Dynamic power supply engagement to provide maximum power utilisation based on system demands;
* Optimised airflow design with ultra-efficient fans in cooling zones help ensure that only the minimum amount of air required by the enclosure is consumed, improving data centre efficiency; and
* A lead-free chassis with lead reduced I/O options.
Dell blades ship pre-built and tested from the factory for rapid deployment.