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Free alternative to pay-TV


Digital television and multi-channel Pay-TV have been making the headlines lately, but most of the people in southern Africa are not in a position to enjoy these media developments – because they're simply too expensive. 

Now Free2view has declared that southern Africa should be a Free TV Zone as it unveiled the region's newest window to the world, MSNBC Africa.
Malcolm Ramsay, chief technical director of Great Media, comments: “When the majority of Africa lives on a dollar a day, pay-TV is fundamentally flawed. The Free2View platform has been developed to engage, entertain and empower consumers and communicates the advantages of digital TV by making it free, simple and inclusive."
Free2View, as the name implies, is a free to air satellite television platform, providing broadcasters and rights-holders with a stable, advertising-funded platform to deliver their content.
MSNBC Africa is a joint venture between Great Media and MSNBC and builds on the resources of NBC News. It is broadcast 24-hours-a-day.
"This expansion is integral to NBC News' commitment to growing its business internationally," says Steve Capus, president of NBC News. "The opportunities are limitless and as MSNBC continues to grow and thrive within the US, the timing is right for us to increase its global presence as well."
MSNBC Africa is the latest addition to the MSNBC family and is the African feed of MSNBC. MSNBC Africa on Free2view will air MSNBC's primetime programming in a block that will repeat twice, while breaking news such as the 2008 US elections will be carried live. It will also include regular southern Africa weather forecasts from Weather Plus.