With political and economic uncertainty once again raising their heads in South Africa, the country could be facing another exodus of skilled workers. 

This is according to Karen Geldenhuys, MD of IT recruitment agency, Abacus Recruitment, who says political concerns plus a lack of confidence in the police and judiciary could tempt skilled workers to consider jobs overseas.
"I believe a far larger proportion of skilled workers than ever before have made sure they have back door exits in case the future turns awry – they are busy ensuring that they have their visas ready and that they have potential jobs waiting overseas," she says.
"It is possible that we might be facing an exodus of workers like that last seen in the late 1990s.
"In addition, while we were noticing increased interest from South Africans who were considering returning to South Africa, this is now far more muted. We are no longer getting as many applications for jobs in South Africa. I think those South Africans who are employed overseas are going to adopt a 'wait and see' attitude."
Geldenhuys says the long-standing concerns about crime and violence are still among the main reasons South Africans consider emigrating.