Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories has acquired Informiam, a privately held company, and a pioneer in software that optimises customer service operations through real-time business performance management.

This move expands the Genesys portfolio of reporting and analytic software. Informiam is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with R&D staff based in Toronto, Canada and employs a total of 45 people.
The acquisition extends Alcatel-Lucent’s investment to grow its Enterprise Business.  Informiam will become a business unit within Genesys and will be part of the Enterprise Business Group. Financial terms of this cash transaction are not being disclosed and do not have a material financial impact on Alcatel-Lucent.
Informiam’s product suite helps large enterprises to proactively manage their customer service operations. The software analyses operational data in real-time and synthesises it into actionable information tailored to the role of the user, including agents, supervisors, and business managers.
Informiam reduces issue identification time by up to 90%, enables the contact center to achieve service levels without adding staff, improves revenue by minimizing business interruptions, and provides a unified view of all contact centre operations.
Genesys sees reporting and analytics as a critical area to support Dynamic Contact Centers – unified service centers that improve the strategic value of customer service operations, and automatically optimise operations. The challenge for most companies is how to balance a variety of needs to simultaneously improve the customer experience, increase agent productivity and satisfaction, and drive revenue.
"In customer service, most organisations understand the advantage of having better insights to manage their operations in real-time.  However, these are complex environments where it is difficult to quickly identify problems and potential improvements, and take immediate action to sustain service levels.  By adding Informiam, Genesys creates a unique set of solutions that deliver this insight and level of control," says Paul Segre, Genesys CEO.
Informiam is an open system that is compatible with a wide variety of contact centers.  The acquisition demonstrates the Genesys commitment to innovate and lead the industry in optimising the entire customer service chain, whether within a single organization or across a network of partners.
"The Informiam acquisition provides Genesys with a key technology that brings in real-time information across multiple channels to provide line of business managers and contact center agents with actionable insights," says Sheryl Kingstone of the Yankee Group. "Organisations that are striving to improve customer loyalty and customer satisfaction find this is difficult to do without good Key Performance Indicators that measure effectiveness over efficiency.  Informiam will accelerate the Genesys ability to deliver on its Dynamic Contact Center vision."