Faritec has built its relationship with Vodacom over the last few years and can now boast the cellular network provider is its biggest customer. 

Dilley Naidoo, customer sales group executive at Faritec, says: This year, the revenues from our relationship with Vodacom surpassed the R100m mark by a healthy margin,” he adds.
He says the milestone eas achieved by transforming the relationship with Vodacom into one that emphasises partnering.
“We have moved far beyond the traditional customer/supplier relationship so many IT companies have with their customers.  Today we play an intrinsic role in Vodacom’s IT planning, are involved at a strategic level in vetting new technologies and assisting them with choosing the technologies that best suit their needs.
“We are also a vital role player in Vodacom’s risk management activities,” he adds. “We are for all intents and purposes the company’s trusted advisor in all thing technology-centric and act as an extension of their internal IT department.”
Alvin Rajoo, director of the dilling and IT group at Vodacom, comments: “Faritec is a trusted advisor to Vodacom and engages with us at the highest strategic levels. We have a 10-year relationship with them that speaks volumes about their abilities and the level of trust we have in them."