The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE), together with Eskom, is presenting a Power Generation Conference on 19 February in an attempt to facilitate a forum for discussion on various aspects of this crucial issue. 

The timing couldn't be better in light of South Africa's urgent need to provide additional generation capacity in the short-, medium- and long-term.
Topics will include the need to build additional generation capacity and how this can or will be achieved; expansion on the subject of the technical and economic viability and status of various technologies and an examination of alternative and environmentally friendly power options. Technical papers will be delivered by eminent experts in various generation disciplines.
Ian McKechnie, president of the SAIEE, says: “The topic of power generation and alternative generation technologies is of particular interest at present and it is therefore timeous for the SAIEE to facilitate this opportunity for information sharing and discussion.
"Our conference has an exciting list of speakers lined up to deliver papers and provide a platform for debate on a variety of generation alternatives, including options such as solar, hydro, nuclear, wind, tidal as well as developments in emerging generation technologies.
“Generation is a hugely important issue throughout the world and particularly in South Africa where a substantial increase in generation capacity is urgently required as a national priority.”
This conference aims to attract a wide range of the engineering community and representatives from industry and commerce.