A consortium led by SAP South Africa and including GijimaAst, Epi-Use and IBM, has been awarded the contract to supply the Treasury and the Department of Public Service & Administration with a human resources business process management system as part of the multibillion rand Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) project. 

The players have welcomed the awarding of the contract and are confident theycan deliver the project on time and within budget.
The State IT Agency (SITA) confirmed that the consortium has been conditionally awarded the tender subject to an acceptable due diligence evaluation of the consortium’s offering by an independent party, which the consortium expects to satisfy.
Claas Kuehnemann, MD of SAP South Africa, warmly welcomed the conditional awarding of the tender to the consortium. “The announcement comes after years of thorough and detailed preparation by government. This is a major contract in anyone’s terms, so we are all naturally very pleased to have won through.
“The consortium’s skills and ability to deliver on such a large project were rigorously tested in the bidding process. I believe the strength of the well-established partnerships that SAP has developed with each of the consortium members over several years was key to us being able to respond with a winning bid,” he says.
“In addition, the SAP product set that is the foundation of our tender was more than robust enough to withstand very detailed scrutiny and analysis. It’s at times such as this that one is reminded again of the value of many years of investment in research and development to produce solutions that meet very exacting standards.”
Robert Gumede, executive chairman of GijimaAst, adds: “Our participation in this key, strategic, multi-year government project is about extending GijimaAst’s focus as a leading systems integrator in the South African ICT landscape. The HRMS is one of four pillars making up the IFMS project and will replace the public sector’s antiquated HR mainframe systems. It is estimated that the entire IFMS will cost several billions."
The complete scope of the IFMS programme, of which this is a part, covers financial management, HR management, supply chain management, asset management and business intelligence across both national and provincial departments and as such constitutes the biggest integrated business solution undertaken in the country.
Says Gumede: “We are confident our consortium, which boasts the best of what the ICT industry can offer, will be able to implement the project on time and within budget.”
In August 2007 GijimaAst and SAP launched a training programme for 40 students to undergo training at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). These students will then be employed by GijimaAst and SAP in the execution of these IFMS projects, among others.
 “We are very excited to be a part of this project,” says Gumede. “We believe it will act as a catalyst for transformation within the public sector as the project will touch almost each and every employee of government at National and Provincial level in one way or another. Furthermore, we are happy to have partnered with several black SMME companies in the delivery of the project – ensuring that more skills development and transfer will take place.”