Square One Solutions Group, whose industrial division specialises in power back-up solutions based on uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generator sets, has opened a crisis centre to deal with floods of enquiries as a result of the rolling power blackouts. 

“There has been unprecedented demand for back-up power,” says Square One CEO Craig Alexander. “We’ve never experienced anything like this with enquiries coming in thick and fast on the telephone and by email. People are becoming desperate and to help them as quickly as possible we have set up a Power Crisis Centre with dedicated telephones.”
The enquiries have come from business across the board – from home offices, a high number of SME companies and some large corporate organisations.
Alexander says many people are also enquiring about power solutions to support lighting and essential electrical appliances in their homes.
“We are determined to help wherever we can and apologise to people who may have phoned in and experienced problems getting through to our Power staff. The Power Crisis Centre will ensure enquiries are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. “
Calls should be made to the main switchboard (011) 321-5900 to request a Power Crisis consultant. Alternatively, the following numbers can be dialled direct: (011) 321-5212; (011) 321-5917; (011) 321-5241; (011) 321-5915; or (011) 321-5216.