In what could be dubbed technology's "Hall of Fame", Intel has released a list of the world's most influential technologists.

The Inquirer says that it comes as little surprise that the list is headed by a trio responsible for reshaping the Internet – Tim Berners-Lee of Worldwide Web fame and Google's Sergey Brin and Larry Page. But what is surprising is that Microsoft supremo Bill Gates only features at number 31.
It quotes Intel vice-president Sean Maloney as saying: "It is fitting that the people who have influenced the Internet turn up in the top three of the list."
The full list is as follows:
1. Tim Berners-Lee
2. Sergey Brin
3. Larry Page
4. Guglielmo Marconi
5. Jack Kilby
6. Gordon Moore
7. Alan Turing
8. Robert Noyce
9. William Shockley
10. Don Estridge
11. Doug Engelbert
12. Robert Metcalfe
13. Vint Cerf
14. Steve Jobs
15. Andrew Grove
16. Seymour Cray
17. Pierre Omidyar
18. Shawn Fanning
19. Dennis Ritchie
20. Ted Hoff
21. Linus Torvalds
22. Shuji Nakamura
23. Dave Packard
24. Jean Hoerni
25. William Hewlett
26. John Logie Baird
27. George Boole
28. Martin Cooper
29. John Pinkerton
30. Grace Hopper
31. Bill Gates
32. Herman Hollerith
33. Thomas Watson
34. Jeff Bezos
35. Meg Whitman
36. Ada Lovelace
37. Nolan Bushnell
38. Claude Shannon
39. Charles Babbage
40. John Chambers
41. Philo Farnsworth
42. Steve Wozniak
43. Larry Ellison
44. Michael Dell
45. Maurice Wilkes