Lenovo has announced its entry into the global consumer PC market with the launch of a new line of notebook and desktop PCs. Lenovo’s new consumer-oriented IdeaPad notebooks and IdeaCentre desktops complement its business-oriented ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops.

The new PCs will be initially offered in multiple countries including South Africa, the US, France, Russia, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, the Philippines and Singapore. Lenovo South Africa officially launched the new consumer range last week.
Rashid Wally, Country General Manager of Lenovo South Africa, says a trio of IdeaPad notebook PCs – the IdeaPad Y510, Y710 and U110 – will be sold locally. The Y510 is available now, with the Y710 and U110 models following later in the year.
“These notebooks, powered by Intel Centrino processor technology, combine cutting-edge and easy-to-use technologies such as facial recognition, Dolby Home Theatre surround sound and dedicated gaming controls.” Wally says. “They also make a bold design statement with frameless screens, touch-sensitive control surfaces and unique textures.”
The IdeaCentre desktops – the IdeaCentre K200 and Q200 – include consumer-friendly features such as data recovery with one key, facial recognition and antibacterial keyboards. These two models will be available in South Africa from the second quarter of 2008.
According to IDC, the worldwide consumer PC market is expected to grow by an average of nearly 10% annually through 2011.  In 2007, Lenovo created a new consumer business unit to address the consumer market, which represents more than 40% of all PCs sold.  
“Our ThinkPad notebooks are well-known around the world as the best engineered computer for business – for quality, reliability and thoughtful design,” Wally says. “We’re now bringing Lenovo’s expertise in design and engineering to consumers with our Idea-branded PCs. We are confident we will grow our consumer business by blending innovative technologies like facial recognition with stylish designs to enhance the way people use technology in their personal lives.”
Lenovo also announced its new ‘Ideas’ marketing campaign to introduce consumers worldwide to the latest PCs and the company. Using the new campaign, Lenovo will illustrate the power of individual ideas and how the Idea brand of PCs helps people to capture and transform those ideas. The campaign will include web-based promotion, merchandising, point-of-sale, as well as traditional media advertising.
The IdeaPad line delivers notebooks designed for a variety of lifestyles with features integrated across the line such as:
* Convenient log-in and authentication: Users can make their face their password with VeriFace Face Recognition, a new, convenient way to log into the PC and a host of applications. The combination of the VeriFace software and an embedded camera can recognise a user’s face for log-in and help eliminate the need to remember passwords.
* Fully-loaded entertainment & multimedia: The notebooks are equipped with Dolby Home Theatre, which delivers exceptional surround sound for movies, videos, music and games and offers a cinema-style experience for listeners through the PCs multiple speakers (most models have five speakers). Lenovo’s Multimedia Control Centre provides an excellent multimedia experience with easy-to-use software to play movies, listen to music and view photos. With touch sensitive controls, users can quickly select among multimedia choices, volume and equaliser.
* Distinctive look and design: Lenovo notebooks set the trend for stylish design in blue, red or black and with smooth, weave or raised textured top covers. Frameless screens provide a unique viewing experience.
In addition to these shared innovations, each notebook offers a number of extra features intended to maximise the experience the notebooks were designed for, such as:
* IdeaPad Y710 – Lenovo designed the 17-inch widescreen IdeaPad Y710 notebook PC for users who desire a high level of performance for entertainment. Distinctively designed with a smooth, blue metallic finish, the notebook also comes equipped with halo lighting, accenting the top cover and backlit Lenovo logo. Select models include a second, hot-swap hard drive to easily store and transfer data as well as Game Zone functionality. Game Zone includes enlarged directional buttons for enhanced game play, four user-customisable buttons and a secondary display showing system information such as CPU speed. It also includes a performance control switch with Turbo mode for maximum power, including CPU overclocking, and Quiet mode for energy savings. Equipped with Intel Centrino processor technology, ATI graphics, WLAN connectivity, five speakers including a subwoofer as well as an optional Blu-ray DVD reader, the IdeaPad Y710 notebook caters for the entertainment enthusiast.
* IdeaPad Y510 – Designed for customers looking for a versatile, all-in-one notebook, the 15.4-inch widescreen IdeaPad Y510 notebook PC has a black, textured, linen-like top cover. In addition to the features shared by the IdeaPad line, it comes with technologies to enable a variety of computing tasks – from word processing to photo and video editing. It comes equipped with Intel Centrino processor technology, integrated graphics, WLAN connectivity, five speakers including a subwoofer, an integrated camera, battery life indicator and a DVD-RW optical drive.
* IdeaPad U110 – The IdeaPad U110, an ultraportable 11-inch widescreen notebook PC, weighs only 2.3 pounds and is 0.7 inches deep. The textured design embedded in its red aluminium alloy top cover blends style and durability. Ideal for highly mobile users, the powerful notebook provides extensive computing time with an additional battery and the performance of optional solid state flash drives. Lenovo also equipped selected configurations with its Active Protection System, an air-bag like device that parks the hard drive to help protect data during a fall.
The IdeaCentre Q200, Q800 and K200 desktops position the PC as the centre of home technology. Lenovo makes computing hassle-free with VeriFace and wireless control for the keyboard, mouse and peripherals on the IdeaCentre Q200 tower and Q800 ultra small-form factor desktops. The IdeaCentre K200 desktop’s eyesight protection feature makes computing easy and fun for all types of users. The desktops include One Key Recovery for data recovery and an antibacterial keyboard. They also are equipped with choices of the latest Intel Core2Duo and Quad Core processors, respectively, and optional integrated or discrete graphics.