Users beware: with the proliferation of computers into every aspect of our lives, its not just PCs that are at risk of being infected with malware. Recently digital photo frames were found to be infected – and to have transferred the virus to the PCs they were connected to. 

Joe Telafici, writing on the McAfee Avert Labs blog, warns that many devices could be infected and help to pass the malware on, with reports received of infected hard drives, MP3 players, USB drive and even GPS devices,
"Anything that a PC will consider a hard drive – like SD cards for digital cameras if plugged into a multi-card-reader, some cell phones, certain toys, CDs or DVDs – can be infected by a variety of worms, some explicitly designed to infect removable media."
He says the recent photo frame outbreak is probably because of poor quality control at the manufacturer – and its probably during the QC process that malware files were transferred to the frames.
Apart from asking the manufacturer of devices to disclose their QC processes and supply proof that they're bug-free – which many consumers may baulk at – Telefici offers some tips to prevent PCs becoming infected:
* Disable the Windows AutoPlay feature;
* Use up-to-date anti-malware software and make sure it is turned on and set to scan removable drives; and
* Manually scan the entire drive after first connecting it and with autoplay disabled. If the scan comes up clean, you’re all set.