Messaging specialist Striata has released Version 2.7.3 of the Striata Application Platform, providing new features and enhancements to existing functionality as well as improved stability and usability.

According to Nic Ramage, chief technology officer at Striata, the new platform version includes functionality inspired by both customer and market demand.
“A major feature is eSurvey which allows easy creation of customised electronic surveys using pre-defined templates. eSurvey allows questions to be posed in an email, answers to be recorded into a database and the results to be interrogated. Built in to the functionality is a refer-a-friend process to manage viral marketing and broaden the survey reach.”
The system provides realtime, online delivery and survey response statistics, and both can be downloaded in a report format.
Profile Manager functionality has been enhanced, increasing flexibility and facilitating integration into other Striata products and services for the customising of emails according to personal profiles.
Ramage adds that the new platform provides enhanced security for the control of access to the Striata Application Platform.
“Fraud initiated by email is a growing concern so it is becoming increasingly important to be able to validate the email sender using technologies such as digital certificates (to identify the person sending the email) and DKIM (to identify the server sending the email).
"However, not all email clients and servers correctly handle digitally signed emails which may result in a broken email in the user’s inbox.  This makes the rollout of digitally signed emails to a wide audience much harder to do.
“We have enhanced our platform to enable digital signatures to be targeted at specific domains and to exclude other domains. This gives the sender control over which email addresses receive digitally signed emails and which do not.
"In addition, the new version also provides support for the rollout of DKIM which is a technology that allows for the authentication of legitimate email senders which, in turn, addresses email forgery and phishing issues and also allows for improved delivery rates.”
In line with electronic communication best practice, the new platform version offers the ability to suppress email addresses across mailing lists, making it simple and quick to comply with instructions from recipients who do not wish to receive their communications electronically.
Striata is also applying ongoing improvements to the installation processes for quicker and easier installation of platform upgrades.
Scalability and administration have also been improved.
“The new version makes better use of distributed architecture environments and offers improved administrative features for simpler backend management,” concludes Ramage. “It is the highest capacity and most robust version yet.”