The HP Deskjet 6940 has been awarded the first ‘Blue Angel’ environmental label for environmentally friendly and safe performance. 

The HP Deskjet 6940 is the first inkjet printer to be certified according to new award criteria (RAL-UZ 122), which was comprehensively updated and tightened by the German Federal Environmental Agency at the beginning of 2007.
In order to receive Blue Angel certification, printing systems now have to comply with more than 100 strict criteria, including low energy consumption, low chemical and noise emissions as well as environmentally friendly and safe design and components. A return and recycling programme has to be available for print cartridges and hardware.
“HP designs its printing systems in line with numerous internationally recognised environmental standards and strict own-product quality requirements,” says Charlotte Saayman, IPG consumer product manager at HP South Africa. “In addition, HP has always been a pioneer in voluntarily certifying printing systems with environmental labels such as the German Blue Angel.”
HP was one of the first manufacturers to receive Blue Angel certification for its inkjet printers after the environmental label was introduced for this product category in 1996.