Sasol has become the latest organisation to join The Open Group, further swelling the numbers of South African members – already among the highest in the world – South Africa now has around  8% of the world's members. 

"We had chosen TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) as our  reference architecture framework," says Pawel Wuzyk, lead enterprise architect at  Sasol. "The fact that TOGAF is continuously maintained and  improved by The Open Group provides us with continuity of thought leadership and allows us 'to stand on the shoulders of the giants ' rather than develop a home-grown architecture.
"As members, we feel we can contribute meaningfully to TOGAF in line with The Open Group's open philosophy. Secondly, development of some architects on our team reached the stage where they became leaders in their field in Sasol.
"To allow them further professional growth, and to grow their contribution, we had to look beyond the boundaries of our organisation for thought leadership and a meaningful professional  challenge. We found that in the work of The Open Group."
Peter van Hoof, principal business architect at Sasol, adds: "The use of global best practice frameworks is a principle that Sasol adheres to. But such use typically requires a great deal of interpretation to  both understand it and to apply it within the organisation. Membership of The Open Group, and the actual participation in shaping TOGAF through the forums and via comments, fast-tracks the understanding of the framework on a fundamental level."
Enterprise architecture (EA) is vital for Sasol. It provides EA principles, standards and roadmaps across domains ranging from business process to infrastructure.
Sasol committed to EA in the early 2000s as a set of technology standards required to allow for integration at an enterprise level. It was driven by the need to collaborate and transact across the growing enterprise while reducing costs and complexity.
Sasol worked with Real IRM to help with the transfer of EA meta-model best practice.