Today, the protection of the environment is one of the biggest challenges and concerns the world faces. Striking a balance between economic development and environmental preservation is a problem that all consumers and businesses need to address.

Kyocera Mita South Africa has recently engaged with Food & Trees for Africa to make a positive impact on the environment, as well as achieve its goal of becoming a carbon-neutral company to contribute back to society.
As a result, Kyocera Mita has donated 400 trees to Trees for Africa, enabling the company to be carbon neutral for the next twelve months. It is also in the process of launching a campaign whereby for every machine (iprinter, copier or multifunctional product) sold, it will donate a tree back to communities in South Africa.
Kyocera Mita has already implemented other initiatives to support environmental presentation, such as energy saving, resource conservation and the development of environmentally-friendly products.
“Being environmentally concerned is one of the core values of the global Kyocera Mita organisation and the company has shown leadership for years in producing equipment with a low environmental impact,” says Jody Harrington marketing manager at Kyocera Mita South Africa.  “This involves the use of innovative technology to reduce power consumption, pollution from chemical and packaging, and compliance with the highest international standards.”
Kyocera Mita offers a list of ten basic guidelines which can cut costs and benefit the environment:
* Print and photocopy documents double-sided (duplex) to reduce wastage and cost.
* Don’t overprint documents. Take care to calculate how many copies you really need to cut down on wastage.
* Use proof and hold to ensure a document is correct before printing a long print run.
* Ensure your equipment is Energy Star compliant.
* Ensure photocopiers, multifunctional products and printers are switched off at night.
* Set your printer or copier’s sleep mode, so when it is not actually printing or copying the energy consumption is minimal.
* Recycle your used print cartridges and toner cassettes.
* Ensure proper maintenance of office equipment devices to enable them to work more efficiently.
* Use non-chlorine bleached environmentally responsible paper or fully recycled paper for all your printing.
*  Identify a paper collection point in the office for recycling bins to dispose of waste paper.
“Beyond the technology and best practices we provide our customers, Kyocera Mita South Africa has established an ongoing relationship and firm commitment with Trees for Africa to ensure that we meet or exceed the environmental goals we have set ourselves,” says Harrington.