A new product launched by Internet service provider (ISP) Web Africa offers an solution to the headache of managing multiple ADSL accounts within a company.

The product, DSL Groups, allows an ADSL master account to be setup with unlimited sub accounts beneath it. DSL Groups provides a centralised, scalabale platform that reduces administration time and costs.
Further savings can be realised as the master account is billed only on actual bandwidth used (by each of the sub accounts), not on allocated caps.
According to Matthew Tagg, MD of Web Africa, this is an industry first and fills an important gap in the business ADSL market. A typical usage scenario would be centralising branch management for corporate IT departments deploying ADSL at the branch level.
Another example is employee benefit schemes aimed at encouraging teleworking within the workforce. The company would then sponsor or co-sponsor ADSL for employees, much like a petrol card.
"Features include live usage reporting, downloadable Excel reports, as well usage notifications via SMS and email for both end users and IT administrators, all on the convenience of a single invoice. Users can be added removed, suspended as well as upgraded and downgraded by the administrator, autonomously from the ISP." says Tagg.
"I'm excited about the flexibility of DSL Groups," he adds.
DSL Groups is fully compatible with Web Africa's existing DSL Complete, auto-topup and prepaid systems and allows for co-payments. Thus if an employee reaches their bandwidth cap, the company could optionally allow users to pay for "topups" themselves autonomously beyond the sponsored usage on the company.
"This model could also be used in a property estate development where ADSL is provided to tenants and managed by the group."