Pinnacle Micro has successfully integrated the operations of Tri Continental, following the December acquisition of the IBM and Lenovo distributor, and will soon expand the Tri Continental presence to Namibia. 

Tim Humphreys-Davies, national & sales director at Pinnacle Micro, comments: “The assimilation has gone very well so far. We are very pleased with the overall integration.”
He says the IBM and Lenovo product lines will now also be sold in Namibia, via the company’s Namibian branch. “There is quite a robust market there, so we are expecting some good additional revenues.”
Although unable to give an indication of sales volumes since the December acquisition, he says the company is anticipating “impressive numbers”.
“It is still early days. We have really been focusing on the integration of Tri Continental. But we are now gearing up for moving seriously into the selling cycle.”
The acquisition of Tri Continental gives Pinnacle Micro access to a wider product range, including the laptops from Lenovo/IBM. The laptop range is expected to augment the company’s existing range of laptops.