Webroot Software has announced the availability of Webroot Parental Controls, an update to the company's online child safety software that brings parents peace of mind with robust security tools to help keep children safe from online threats and manage their use of the PC.

“Webroot is deeply committed to protecting all online users – including children – from security threats. While there is no substitute for discussing online safety with children, leading child advocacy groups believe communication, in addition to using a filtering software, ensures the best online protection for kids,” says Peter Watkins, Webroot CEO.
“Webroot Parental Controls is the most advanced and flexible software parents can add to their home computers to better manage how the computer is used and what content is acceptable.”
Webroot Parental Controls helps parents protect their children from computer risks even when they cannot personally monitor their child’s activity. The software blocks access to inappropriate or dangerous web content, and enforces rules for how much computer time is acceptable and which programs can be used.
Additionally, Webroot Parental Controls is completely tamper-proof; prohibiting any attempt to bypass security settings or install programs without a parent’s permission. The program is fully compatible with the Windows XP and Vista operating systems, and each subscription protects up to three personal computers within the household.
Webroot recognises the use of parental control software in the home as part of a larger child safety solution. To encourage broader education and online safety practices, Webroot has partnered with The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, a network of more than 4 000 neighborhood-based clubs serving more than 4,8-million young people annually.
Through the relationship, Webroot will donate a portion of the revenue from Webroot Parental Controls earned through April 2008 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Webroot will also outfit more than 600 Clubs in the Southwest region with complimentary licenses of Webroot Parental Controls. The donation covers an eight state area with more than 7 000 computers used daily by young people.
Key features of Webroot Parental Controls include:
* Customisable profiles – Parents can manage Internet usage for multiple users through customizable profiles that monitor the Web sites their children can access based on any combination of over 60 content categories, specific Web site addresses or keywords.
* Compatible with the Windows Vista operating system – The Webroot Parental Controls solution is compatible with the Windows Vista operating system. Webroot Parental Controls offers additional safeguards to Windows Vista, to provide a layered security approach to managing children’s computer and online activities.
* Tamper-proof – For most of today’s teenagers, bypassing existing parental management programs can be easy; Webroot Parental Controls makes it difficult for savvy teens as it can only be removed or modified by the administrator.
* Scheduling and time limits – Webroot Parental Controls offers both a time limit feature as well as a scheduling feature to help parents manage not only how many hours the kids are spending on the computer, but also when that time is being spent. A parent can easily set up a schedule to manage each child’s use of specific programs, allocating the amount of time each day and the specific times that a child can spend on the computer accessing the Internet or playing games.
* Restrict ue of chat, games and other computer programs – Parents can restrict the use of computer programs such as chat, games and other existing programs where access should be limited. Restrictions are customizable for each computer user in the home.
* Monitoring and reporting – Easy-to-manage, customizable reports that inform parents of when and where their children are going online. The reports can be generated daily, weekly or monthly and viewed online or via email, so a parent can even receive reports away from home.