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CA simplifies IMS management


CA has delivered its latest solutions for IMS that address customers’ evolving performance, protection and staff productivity requirements while supporting IMS v10, the latest version of IBM’s popular mainframe database environment.

CA File Master Plus for IMS, a new product, provides a complete set of powerful and easy-to-use tools for managing IMS data. CA Database Management for IMS r11.6 enables database administrators to better optimise performance, streamline essential administration tasks, and ensure reliable backup and recovery of critical IMS data.  
“IMS is a strategic platform for many CA Global 2000 customers – which include many of the world’s largest banking, healthcare, insurance, and telecommunications companies,” says David Schipper, vice-president of product management for CA. “By enabling these customers to more effectively manage their IMS environments, CA’s newest mainframe management solutions allow them to improve service delivery, reduce costs, and improve their responsiveness to the incessantly escalating demands of the business.”
CA File Master Plus for IMS simplifies IMS data management with advanced capabilities including segment selection filtering for streamlined access to data and an intuitive graphical display of database segments. Its powerful precision-engineered extraction, browsing, editing and updating capabilities increase IT staff productivity across multiple IMS environments. To maintain IMS data integrity and to ensure that IMS-dependent applications perform as expected, users can easily access and edit IMS data and test applications.  
CA File Master Plus for IMS is the latest addition to the CA Application Quality and Testing Tools suite, which includes solutions for mainframe application debugging, abend diagnostics, automated testing, code optimisation and application performance management.
CA Database Management for IMS r11.6 encompasses interoperable, integrated solution suites for database performance management, administration and backup and recovery that improve service levels, data availability and application responsiveness across IMS for z/OS databases.
CA also supports IMS v10 throughout its security management, systems management, performance management, resource management, testing and report generation product lines.