Faritec has been awarded a contract valued at R45-million to provide national lottery operator Gidani with hardware, software and maintenance. 

Faritec signed a seven-year contract with Gidani and its Greek partner Intralot. Intralot is a consortium which runs about 40% of the world’s lotteries. In terms of the deal, Faritec also took on responsibility for building two data centres to replicate the environment required to run the lottery.
Stergios Binopoulos, Intralot’s operations director for southern Africa, says Faritec won the business on the basis of its exemplary track record as one of IBM’s top business partners in South Africa and its ability to provide an end-to-end solution using its comprehensive skills portfolio across all the relevant platforms and applications.
“We were looking for a single supplier capable of providing the entire infrastructure, and to manage a single Service Level Agreement under one umbrella,” Binopoulos says. “We believe Faritec will be a valuable partner and are already highly impressed by the high calibre of the solutions and services Faritec has provided.”
Gidani works in collaboration with the National Lotteries Board to ensure that the most effective service is offered to South African players within the responsible gaming framework at all times, while Intralot designs, develops, operates and supports custom-made gaming solutions. With subsidiaries and business offices around the globe, Intralot’s footprint straddles five continents.
Intralot operates a standard application to run its lotteries worldwide. The application runs on a high-availability Oracle database on the IBM pSeries platform and makes extensive use of Microsoft software as well as Symantec security solutions.
Since the re-launch of the Lotto on 5 October 2007, the Faritec solution has delivered 100% uptime, and approximately 40-million tickets have been sold. The new system provides a number of further benefits to Gidani and Intralot, including increased capacity and throughput and a smoother, quicker customer experience.
Once Faritec was awarded the business, the requirement was to have the data centres – located in Gauteng and Mpumalanga – built within a month. In addition, the entire system needed to go live three months later.
Peter Winn, services director at Faritec, says: “Every division of Faritec contributed to this initiative. We assumed prime contractor responsibility for every aspect of constructing the data centres, from air-conditioning to cabling and electricity. Despite the tight timeframes, we met all the deliverables by the go-live date.”