Neotel's preliminary call rates have been released into the public domain – and could give Telkom a run for their money. 

According to myadsl, Neotel has filed into voice call rates with ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of SA).
Neotel will use per-second billing on all calls and won't have the same minimum call charge that Telkom has.
Neotel-to-Neotel local calls will cost 15 cents per minute at all times; and while calls to a local Telkom number will be 15 cents per minute during off-peak times and 30 cents during peak times.
Regional Neotel-to-Neotel calls will be 29 cents per minute; while regional calls to a Telkom number will be 40 cents during peak time and 25 cents in off-peak time.
Cellphone calls will be R1,54 at peak time and 96 cents at off-peak time.