Intel plans to celebrate its 40th birthday by demonstrating mobility, energy efficiency, client management and high-performance computing at CeBit, taking place in March.  

Under the banner “IT starts with the chip,” Intel will present a comprehensive range of 45nm products which enhance performance while improving energy efficiency.
In addition, Intel’s new processor technology enables the development of a new category of pocket-size mobile Internet devices as well as inspiring new usage models for IT in healthcare and supporting a range of high-performance computing solutions.
Intel’s presence at CeBit 2008 celebrates the company’s long and successful 40-year history and reveals perspectives on future technologies.
This means that Moore’s Law has been active for the past four decades: Moore’s Law predicts that the density of transistors on processors will double every two years, which means that computing power takes another big leap forward every 24 months.
Last year, Intel’s new 45nm Hafnium-Based High-k Metal formula brought the greatest change to the semiconductor industry in more than 40 years, increasing switching speeds by up to 20% while consuming 30% less switching current.