The tortured lives of Hong Kong celebrities, turned upside down since lurid and compromising photos of them have been spread all over the Internet, highlight the foolishness of taking and storing explicit pics and videos – and especially of letting them fall into other hands. 

Edison Chen, a Hong-Kong singer and actor, took his computer in for repairs and days later found that hundreds of photos stored on his hard drive were being splashed across the Internet.
As quickly as police get images deleted from message boards and discussion forums, they are reloaded, attracting millions of hits.
The case has become a national controversy and Chen has gone into hiding since it began.
The images, which include other celebrities in compromising situations, have been causing a sensation in Hong Kong for the last month.
Meanwhile, China is clamping down on inappropriate content in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics and has now added ghosts and monsters to a list of banned content.
Vulgar content is already a no-go.