Pinnacle Micro has announced the local availability of the Symbol MC35 EDA (Enterprise Digital Assistant), a device described as a tool for an enterprise wanting to mobilize its workforce and boost overall business efficiencies.

According to Sheldon Vermaak, brand manager of  Motorola/Symbol, the Symbol MC35 differs from consumer based devices in the following areas:
* A published drop spec (the device will withstand repeated drops from 91.44cm or typical waist height to tile) and tumble rating (the device will withstand 150 50cm tumbles). No consumer device offers this.
* The user can purchase a 2 year comprehensive service contract with the device that not only covers standard warranty issues, but also extends to cover normal wear and tear and accidental damage. Not available with any consumer device.
* Motorola guarantee that the product will be available in its current form for two years from launch date. Most consumer devices,” says Vermaak, “are replaced every three to six months with newer models, which naturally affects any company that is trying to roll out and support a particular application.”
The new Symbol MC35 also costs the same price as an “average consumer device”.