Workgroup is urging customers to tighten up their procurement processes to avoid becoming victims of fraudulent purchases. 

Having lost money when an order was placed and collected by a fraudster purporting to be with a "named account" – a reseller with credit terms – the distributor has implemented new security systems and also warned customers to be on the alert.
"We've just had once instance of fraud, but we want to pre-warn customers to make sure it doesn't get out of hand," says Workgroup MD Doug Woolley.
"We are basically being prudent and ensure that it doesn't become a widespread problem. If we ensure our partners are award, they can tighten up the controls to ensure they don't become victims."
Workgroup has implemented new security controls to ensure that fraudulent orders cannot be processed or collected by people claiming to work for account-holders.
As a software distributor, Workgroup doesn't sell a lot of physical product – most purchases are for license activations – but Woolley warns that hardware distributors and their customers could be more at risk.
"We think everyone has to watch out for this," says Woolley. "It could run riot if its not checked, which is why it's important to be proactive."