Creative industries must prioritise technological innovation in order to close the gap with resource-rich countries and forming an innovation forum is the best way to do it, says Viola Manuel, the executive director of CITI. 

Speaking at the Innovation Gap Analysis workshop held in Cape Town, Manuel says the film, music and design industries need to talk to the ICT sector in order to better exploit technology opportunities.
"This workshop is the first step towards having a well organised Innovation Forum and this is not going to be another talk shop because there are steps we can implement immediately such as drawing an innovation roadmap with timelines and action," she says.
Participants at the workshop will respond to a questionnaire as part of an innovation survey conducted by Knowledge Crucible, a research and knowledge management company. The questionnaire aims to establish the perceptions and actual experiences of businesses with regard to innovation gaps.
"The main objective is to establish where we are and where we want to be," says Melina Ng, a researcher from Knowledge Crucible.
The workshop, which is the first phase in drafting an innovation roadmap, will give a full picture of the state of innovation in the film, music, design and ICT industries ­highlighting challenges and needs in each industries. The Cape Film Commission, Cape Music Industry Commission and Cape Craft, Design Institute and CITI represented these industries, respectively. Other participants included government and academia.
The second phase will see a post-workshop survey being conducted across the four sectors.
"This will be an in-depth session of probing the data from the questionnaire where we will hold one-on-one interviews with respondents from all the sectors," says Ng.
After this a report with detailed survey results will be compiled and distributed to all stakeholders. "The survey results will inform the agenda of the second workshop taking place on the 12 March 2008," she adds.