Citizens and businesses joined  forces today to launch The Power of One, a national call to action for the people, by the people to rally together to use less power and save South Africa from pending disaster. 

The Power of One has attracted a wealth of collaborators – from the man-in-the-street, well-known individuals, small enterprises to large and powerful corporates who have rallied together to pool their resources to take The Power of One campaign to the nation.
These include Helen Zille, Pam Golding,, Nashua Mobile, Media24, Massmart, Ireland/Davenport and TBM Communications, among others.
The Power of One is a totally independent, non-profit, apolitical, all-inclusive and positive endeavour to help alleviate the power crisis in South Africa. The campaign provides a vehicle for national collaboration allowing every individual, business and government department to unite under one umbrella.
The primary objective is to reduce electricity consumption in South Africa by inspiring every individual – including children, teenagers and adults – to practice power saving methods through mass media messaging.
Max Pichulik, Power of One project manager, says: "The campaign is three-fold: it's about uniting South Africans to 'plug into' the campaign, encourage people to actively follow the messages and then influence friends, family and colleagues to do the same."
The first message is a call to action for every person to "switch off". The message is loud and clear and is a call to action to start cutting back on personal electricity consumption, adds Pichulik.
"It's time that we, as the man in the street, take the bull by the horn and become part of the solution rather than the problem. If there's to be a future in this country, we need to create it! The Power Of One is about the power of a nation to overcome a crisis in a positive and proactive manner.
"One power-saving method at a time will be broadcast for four to six weeks, before we include the next key message. Our communications will include feedback on participation, as well as figures on the reduction of power consumption where possible."
Besides individuals, companies are participating by spreading the messaging in a free viral campaign to all their stakeholders, from staff, suppliers to customers.