McAfee has announced the general availability of McAfee GroupShield 7 for Lotus Domino and McAfee GroupShield 7 for Microsoft Exchange. The new versions include a number of enhancements designed to provide greater threat protection, while making management easier than ever before.

If an e-mail server is not secured, viruses, worms and other malware can use the e-mail system to propagate on the internal network. McAfee GroupShield provides anti-virus protection and content security by preventing viruses and other malicious threats from damaging the Exchange or Domino servers or infecting end users.
GroupShield helps businesses of all sizes protect their e-mail and other documents as they enter and leave their Lotus Domino Servers or Microsoft Exchange Servers.
McAfee GroupShield scans for viruses, automatically manages outbreaks and prevents malicious code from disrupting users systems.
"Preventing malicious code from spreading via e-mail is a requirement for businesses of all sizes," says Chris van Niekerk, regional director: Africa at McAfee.
"The new versions of GroupShield reinforce our commitment to providing the most comprehensive protection possible to customers of all sizes."
Features and benefits include:
* Advanced anti-virus technology – McAfee anti-virus technology blocks viruses, spyware and other malicious code, and advanced heuristics and generic detection identify unknown viruses and threats.
* Effective content filtering – with GroupShield, e-mail system administrators can filter and block files and messages based on various criteria: attachment file names, file types, subject line, message body, attachment content (over 300 file types supported), or message size. Administrators can enforce e-mail usage policies based on users or group.
* Central management and reporting – because GroupShield integrates with ePolicy Orchestrator, administrators can manage it and other McAfee security products from a single console and create detailed graphical reports.
* Effective spam and phish blocking – businesses can block incoming spam and phishing messages with minimal false positives using the optionally licensed McAfee Anti-Spam for GroupShield.
* Always up to date – protection from viruses is only as effective as the last update. GroupShield features AutoUpdate, which enables the latest virus definition (DAT) files and spam rules to be automatically downloaded via HTTP, FTP, network file share, or McAfee's centralised management console, ePolicy Orchestrator.
* In-memory scanning  – GroupShield scans items in memory without writing them to disc, producing lightning-fast results and minimal impact to e-mail server performance.
* Advanced spam management features – McAfee Quarantine Manager provides centralised management of spam and other forms of quarantined mail across multiple Microsoft Exchange servers. Users can manage their personal whitelists, blacklists and spam quarantines.
McAfee GroupShield for Exchange supports Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2007. McAfee GroupShield for Domino supports Lotus Domino version 8.0 and prior versions on various versions of Microsoft Windows Server. Both products are available in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Korean.