Local ISP Technology Concepts (TC) will demonstrate its bonded ADSL service, offering access of up to 20Mbps, at the Broadband Summit to be held in Sandton next week. 

The TC Channel Bonding service combines multiple ADSL connections of the same type and speed to create a single virtual high-speed connection. This establishes high-speed internet and inter-branch connections. Up to five ADSL lines can be bonded together to create an ultra high-speed link for both downloading and uploading data.
“Leased lines are expensive and limit the bandwidth companies are able to buy. While ADSL is cheaper, it lacks the performance and quality of service that leased lines offer,” says Wayne de Nobrega, CEO of Technology Concepts.
TC has developed the TC Channel Bonding service to offer companies a fast, reliable, and good quality connection to the Internet at a fraction of the cost of a leased line.
The TC Channel Bonding service has two key elements that allows for its superior performance.
Firstly, unlike ADSL load balancing where traffic is balanced between multiple ADSL lines to increase speed, TC Channel Bonding sends packets simultaneously over all the ADSL connections and reconfigures it in the TC data centre before sending it on to the Internet.
Secondly, TC also provisions its own backhaul bandwidth to ensure the optimal performance of the service. TC Channel Bonding routes traffic across the TC high speed internet backbone where, currently, multiple 100Mb links ensure that customers are able to realise the full potential of the internet via these high speed links. The company’s bandwidth utilisation is continually managed and upgraded to ensure capacity is available to cater for customer demand.
This ensures high-speed connections and also overcomes the typical contention ratios experienced on standard ADSL.
De Nobrega notes that current ADSL services often have bandwidth bottlenecks which hamper the overall performance of the line.
The TC Channel Bonding service begins at a two-port system which channel bonds two 4Mbps ADSL lines and levels out at a five-port solution.
“The Broadband Summit seeks to explore broadband growth in South Africa. It will show companies how to grow their business opportunities through the latest broadband solutions. This is the ideal platform to showcase the TC Channel Bonding service as well as our other offerings,” De Nobrega adds.