Webmail, with 725 000 active users South Africa's largest free email facility, believes it is well positioned to compete with Google's soon-to-be launched mail offering. 

Webmail International has taken two years and R2-million to research and develop its upgraded product.
"As issues like security, spam and pornography are the main focus of peoples concerns, we decided to incorporate into the new Webmail, features that limit abuse", says Dennis Armstrong, business development & marketing director at Webmail International.
The integration of the Internet into the everyday lives of South Africans is growing at an increasing rate. With a recent Windows Live Messenger survey showing that 70% of a 1000 people polled preferred to use the Internet for flirting rather than the more traditional bars and clubs.
"It has taken the Internet just five years to reach as many homes as television took in 25 years," says Armstrong.
Bearing this in mind, Webmail has incorporated a number of useful features in the product's new interface.
"Interconnectivity between cell and pc was a must, as well as video and voice email. We also increased our storage for each user from 20Mb to 10Gb," adds Armstrong.
With 725,000 users categorised into accurate demographics, Webmail is also able to serve relevant content to its users.
"Local relevant content is something that Google will struggle to provide, together with enhancements like voice and video mail as well as a new chat solution, Webmail is proving that local is lekker," adds Armstrong.