PM Sight’s PM Revolution has successfully completed testing for Microsoft Certification

PM Revolution completed testing for the components, Platform Windows Server 2003 and Managed Code of the Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions at Veritest, the leading provider of globalization services that enable clients to develop, localise, test, and maintain their enterprise content and technology applications globally.
"We have tested and verified that PM Revolution is fully compatible with Microsoft technologies, particularly the rich collaborative features of Windows Sharepoint Services 3 and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services 2007," says Paul Viviers, MD of PM Sight.
"Thanks to our Advanced Gold Partner status program, we worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that our customers and prospects can take immediate advantage of innovations.”
As a Gold Microsoft Certified Partner, PM Sight gains access to a multitude of resources that will help them in building better products, enhancing market presence, and driving profits and growth.
Additionally, Microsoft provides the opportunities and benefits available to help PM Sight amplify the impact in the marketplace, and Microsoft also is committed to supporting PM Sight through effective program benefits and innovative Microsoft technologies.
The company will also have access to the Microsoft Certified Partner brand and free software licenses.