A California court has ordered the closure of Wikileaks, a Web site providing a safe haven for whistleblowers to publish confidential documents. The domain registrar Dynadot has been orderd to completely remove it from the Internet. 

The ruling comes after Swiss bank Julius Baer sought an injunction when Wikileaks published documents said to be about money laundering and tax evasion.
Other documents on the site are the US Rule of Engagement for Iraq, the Guatanamo Bay operations manual and money laundering documents that implicate Kenya's ex-president Daniel Arap Moi.
While the main site has been removed from the Internet, a number of mirror sites are still running – with increased interest in their content since the court decision.
Wikileaks' stated objective is to uncover unethical behaviour with a sire the protects people who leak documents.
Wikileaks intends to fight the court ruling, which it believes is unconstitutional.