Starting to make its presence felt in South Africa, AMD not only sees tremendous growth potential in its traditional markets, but also in collaboration with local universities for various research projects.

Guiseppe Amato, technical director, sales and marketing EMEA, says the country has been earmarked as one of a few developing markets set to boom in the future.
"We understand that the growth potential for EMEA and India is coming from Eastern Europe, Africa and India," Amato says. "And we are putting resources into regions that have the highest growth. This means that we may see a reduction of resources in Western Europe, a shifting of these resources, to countries that offer a higher ROI.
"It's not going to happen overnight because you can't just start hiring and firing," he says. "You need to have a plan, and we started implementing our plan in September last year."
Amato says that South Africa is a definite part of this plan.
"Imi (Mosaheb, SA country manager) is accountable for South Africa," he says. "He is AMD's guy here, he has a budget and he decides what to do in this market. If he wants to spend more, then he has to make more. We're ready to make investments in South Africa, opening the new office, hiring people. But it has to make money to get additonal resources."
Amato says another area the company is investigating is collaboration with various local universities on research projects.
"We want to explore what is available in South Africa in terms of Phds and involving them in some of our research projects," he says. "If it is feasible, we will shift some of our [research] tasks here and take advantage of the results for other regions.
"We have got similar collaboration projects in India, Russia and Italy," he adds. "And with today's technology, these kind of projects are not too costly."