Unisys yesterday unveiled a major new technology strategy aimed at helping clients evolve their organisations into real-time enterprises, in which business requirements directly drive information technology (IT) use. 

This solutions-led strategy integrates services, software and hardware from Unisys and partners to meet clients’ specific requirements. It enables organizations to retain and extend their current IT investment as they transform the IT infrastructure to support continually emerging business demands.
As part of its strategy, Unisys rolled out the first in a series of solutions to help clients dynamically shift IT resources as needed to meet the strategic needs of the business while reducing costs and energy use.
The new solutions include Unisys Infrastructure Management Suite, a set of data centre solutions enabled by Unisys services and underpinned by new software. Unisys also announced new blade and midrange servers to expand clients’ choice in systems to power a real-time infrastructure.
“Our clients are grappling daily with a host of challenges that impede their ability to compete in an increasingly dynamic marketplace: server sprawl, underutilisation of existing IT resources, escalating power consumption and space crunch in the data center, to name a few,” says Rich Marcello, president of Unisys Systems and Technology.
“With our combined services and engineering skills, Unisys is preeminently positioned to provide multi-vendor IT solutions that help clients turn those challenges into business opportunities. We can help clients use their existing IT assets more effectively and save money while evolving their IT infrastructure to better support their business in realtime.”
The new technology strategy is also aimed at increasing Unisys business in the rapidly growing market for IT infrastructure solutions that enable companies to transform into real-time enterprises.
Independent research firms view the market for real-time infrastructure – including virtualised hardware, software and related services – as a multi-billion-dollar segment poised for strong growth over the next few years.
“Virtualisation in data centers, especially those deploying x86 servers, is accelerating in terms of customer adoption, but many customers now realize that they need to take steps to ensure high availability and advanced management for enterprise, mission-critical applications running in a virtualised IT infrastructure,” says Jean Bozman, research vice-president of iDC.
The new Unisys Infrastructure Management Suite solutions address a key client requirement: automated management of IT infrastructure in a way that enhances real-time services to the business while reducing operating costs. Applying these solutions can reduce the servers required in the data center by up to two- thirds and immediately lower power consumption and cooling requirements for data center equipment. This creates significant space, energy and carbon footprint improvements.
The middleware underpinning the new Unisys Infrastructure Management Suite solutions is based on software from key partners as well as from Unisys. It allows clients to create a sense-and-respond infrastructure for automated, real-time infrastructure management.
In 2008, Unisys also plans to add software capabilities for service governance and provisioning to the suite to control the way IT resources support critical business applications and automate allocation of IT resources according to application needs, respectively.